CND Nail Enhancements or Overlays

Our liquid & powder system features unique, patented technology that ensures flexible, resilient nail enhancements that suit your every need.

Whether you prefer tips, sculpted enhancements, or just a simple overlay to keep your natural nails chip free and super strong, our award winning liquids creates thin, flexible, resilient nail enhancements.

Tip Enhancements

Carefully engineered using high-grade ABS plastic. Featuring a wide array of colour, shape, and size options for a custom nail service every time.

Sculpted Nails

Sculpting powders come in a wide spectrum of shades which provide gorgeous results and offer superior clarity and colour stability. Choose your desired colour or even a Pink & White French manicure. We pride ourselves on our specialist method of Sculpted Enhancements, it’s one the most popular treatments that we offer within our salon.


For those who don’t want to add extra length, we also offer Natural nail Overlays, so you can get the strength from your top quality Acrylic system and continue with your infills exactly the same way as you can with tip enhancements or sculpted nails.

Soak Off

When our CND Acrylic nails have been correctly and safely soaked off, the natural nail will be left clean and damage free. We always recommend that our clients return to us if they require a soak-off.