CACI Non-Surgical Treatments

We offer a wide range of CACI Non-Surgical treatments from our highly trained skin expert Millie at Rejuvenate Skin Clinic, located within our salon.

The result of over 20 years research, the award winning CACI Facial Toning treatment has been voted the most effective anti-ageing treatment available.

The CACI Ultra combines CACI Non Surgical Facial Toning with Skin Rejuvenation. The system incorporates 4 different technologies: Microcurrent, Ultrasonic Peeling, Hydratone and LED Light Therapy stimulation within one state of the art treatment device.



Originally developed for treating facial palsy, microcurrent therapy is now widely used as an aesthetic anti-ageing treatment.
​True microcurrent uses a current with an intensity of less than one millionth of an amp (<1mA) that works in harmony with the body’s own bio-electrical field. A higher intensity current will cause contractions of the facial muscles which can actually worsen lines and wrinkles, whereas microcurrent stimulation does not contract muscles, but instead works by a process called muscle re-education to achieve results.



Ultrasonic peeling uses a hand piece containing ceramic/quartz transducers that when excited by an electrical current emit piezoelectric vibrations. These rapid vibrations (27,000 per second) propel impurities to the skin surface and cause dead skin cells to become dislodged.

The vibrating hand piece is then used to deep cleanse and gently exfoliate the epidermis. Ultrasonic skin peeling provides a far gentler and less aggressive method of skin exfoliation than traditional microdermabrasion.


Hydratone combines active microcurrent rollers with Hydro Mask, a unique, electrically conductive silicon gel mask that has been infused with powerful hydrating properties.

The rollers gently massage the face causing the mask to become electrically charged so that the whole face is bathed with rejuvenating energy. The current delivered by the rollers recharges and replenishes the bio-electrical energy within the facial

Wrinkle Comb

(LED Light Therapy) –

The Wrinkle Comb combines LED photo stimulation with high frequency electrical stimulation. The synergy of these technologies effectively plumps out and softens deep lines, wrinkles, blemishes and stretch marks. The Wrinkle Comb provides the first non-evasive needle free alternative to collagen injections and other dermal fillers.

Combined Non Surgical Facial Toning & Skin Rejuvenation

CACI Microlift uses micro-current to tone, lift and re-educate muscles. It is designed to give gentle exercise to the facial muscles, tightening and firming them in order to reduce slackness. It also works on improving skin tissue; acne scarring blemishes, sun damage, dry/dehydrated skin, problematic/oily skin.

It works to soften lines and wrinkles and improve texture and tone

Increase cell renewal by 500%
Increase collagen production by 60%
Increases elastin production by 73%
Increase absorption of products by 30-40%

It is strongly recommended when starting a course of CACI facials that you opt for a course of 10 for best results. Anything less will compromise the result.

All clients new to CACI will receive 20% discount to their course of treatment.
Payment schemes are available.