Brazilian Blow-dry

With our special keratin anti-frizz treatment, you can continue with every day life without having to worry about your hair, unlike many other similar treatments on the market. You don’t even have to wait to get your hair wet or tie it up! That’s why we offer this exclusive brand, so we can take the stress out of the after care for you. Come and see for yourselves why it’s one of our most popular salon services.

How old can you be to have a Brazilian Blow-dry?

Ultimately its down to you and how comfortable you feel but we would say that 8 years and over are suitable to have one. We always need the parents permission under the age of 16.

Can you have a Brazilian Blow-dry if you are pregnant?

After the First Trimester (the first 3 months), you can have this treatment if you feel comfortable, as it’s ultimately down to you. We have had many preganant clients who have had a big success from their Brazilian Blow-drys.

Can I have this treatment if I swim regularly?

Yes you can, but it will not last as long due to the effects of the Chlorine. We would probably suggest a Mini treatment in this case, which can be done every 5 or so weeks, it is quicker to apply with very similar results but not as long lasting.

What aftercare is needed after my Brazilian Blow-dry?

No aftercare products are recommended. We just advise that you carry on using the products you love using at home. However we always feel that a sulphate-free shampoo is beneficial to your hair, as it’s much kinder and also it won’t strip any colour from your hair. You can get your hair wet straight away or even tie it up if you need to.

Can the products used in this treatment damage my hair?

No, our products do not damage the hair in anyway. We even ensure that you will not get over-exposure from our straightening irons.

Can I have my hair Coloured or Highlighted before a Brazilian Blow-dry?

Yes,we recommend that any highlights or bleaching is done before your treatment. However we recommend any colouring to be done after your Brazilian Blow-dry, as we find the products can lighten any colours slightly.

Can I have my hair curled for a night out after having a treatment?

Yes, at any time. Afterwards when washed, the hair will return back to the wonderful results of our incredible treatments.

Check out our incredible transformations below. Please note that in our ‘After’ photos, the hair has only been roughly dried with a hairdryer, no blow-dry or straightening tools have been used.