Henna Brows

As most of you already know, Henna Brows have taken the industry by storm.

We have been lucky enough to have been one of the first salons to train in Henna nearly a year ago.

So what’s all the fuss about? And how is it different from my regular brow tinting appointment? Well don’t you worry Bliss Babes because here we will hopefully answer all of those burning questions.

Now here’s the science bit..

How do normal eyebrow tints work?
Eyebrow tint use the same technology found in permanent hair dyes and many women use regular hair dyes for their brows. These chemicals used are referred to as “oxidative dyes” because they must be mixed with an oxidizing agent (usually hydrogen peroxide) before they will work. The oxidizing agent causes the dye molecules to polymerize, or link together, to create intense shades.

Is this safe?
You must tread with caution with any oxidative dyes as they are reactive chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, painful rashes, blistering and even blindness. That’s why we always insist on a patch test when using this system within our salon. Your eyes are even more sensitive than your scalp, so an allergic reaction there is much more dangerous.

How is Henna different and how exactly does it work?


Enhance your brows and totally transform your facial features. With microblading and eyebrow make up becoming a massive trend, we feel that Henna is the next big product. It is designed to give you beautiful, naturally full eyebrows. Common eyebrow pencils offer you a short lasting colouring effect and may get smudged if not applied carefully. Moreover while drawing your eyebrows with a pencil, you need to extremely careful. As many of you know, it can be a time consuming process in the mornings trying to make your brows resemble sisters!

Unlike a regular tint, Henna will stain the skin too, leaving a much more flawless finish that resembles a good brow powder (great for people who suffer with sparse areas).

Henna is definitely the solution for all of these brow problems, we are proud to offer an innovative eyebrow Henna with a permanent colouring effects that lasts longer and leaving your brows looking naturally beautiful.

Please note: All Henna treatments require a 48 hour sensitivity test before treatment. Please enquire for more details.






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