ibd Just Gel Polish

With over 100 colours in the ibd Just Gel Polish core collection, there’s just so much choice.

ibd Just Gel Polish works best on natural, healthy nails. You will find that the amount of wear you get from your gel polish will depend on individual lifestyle and also your after care.

Damaged nails or nails that are repairing may not last as long as healthy strong nails. However we can provide a stronger Gel base for your nails if this is the case to get more longevity out of your Gel Polish.

What is ibd Just Gel Polish?

It’s a 100% pure gel formula that really lasts. You will have beautiful chip-free nails for weeks. It cures under an LED light quickly with a rich, high gloss and superb finish that has made it a real favourite.

Will I have a lot of colour choice?

As well as core colours to choose from, ibd consistently monitor fashions and trends to bring you the latest limited edition seasonal collections. We of course, bring you every collection as it is launched to ensure that you never miss out on all of the new stunning colours.

Is it possible to have nail art on my ibd Just Gel Polish?

You can choose from a wide range of plain colours, or of course if you fancy something a little different, we also offer you any nail art design you could possibly imagine as Gel Polish too!

How do I remove my ibd Just Gel Polish?

We can take all the stress out and do it for you. We always advise that you return to us to have your Gel Polish removed. Once ibd Just Gel has been correctly and safely soaked off, the natural nail will be left clean and damage free. You are then ready for a re-application or we will simply manicure your natural nails.

How should I look after my nails after a treatment?

We strongly recommend using a cuticle oil at least twice a day (we stock a number of these at the salon, please ask for more details).

Avoid all steam rooms and saunas or any other source of strong heat for 24 hours .

Never expose your hands to cleaning products and always wear gloves when gardening or doing any household chores.

Please do not bite, pick, peel or cut your Gel Polish or nail. We offer free repairs if an accident does occur, where we will be able to repair without damaging your natural nail.

Remember to treat your Gel Polish with the love and care that they deserve. With the correct after care, you can get weeks of high gloss, chip free perfection.