milk_shake semi permanent smoothies

milk_shake smoothies conditioning semi permanent hair colour is a delicate ammonia-free colour that leaves hair shiny and rich in pigments. Ideal for lightening a natural base, intense highlights, hiding first grey hairs, and for making existing colour uniform or refreshed.

This range of stunning semi-permanent hair colours have a conditioning base with milk protein integrates to condition hair, honey and beeswax with a treating action that increases hair shine and manageability, and fruit extracts to sooth and condition scalp and hair. Integrity 41®, a patented antioxidant complex, guarantees longer-lasting hair colour. With a pleasant fruit, milk and honey fragrance.

milk shake smoothies is a tone-on-tone conditioning semi-permanent hair colour cream. Vibrant pigments give an incredible shine, while milk protein, organic honey, sunflower oil, amino acid complex and fruit extracts add softness and condition the hair and scalp. milk_shake smoothies have a pleasant fragrance and leaves hair healthy-looking, shiny and conditioned with vibrant colour.

milk_shake smoothies provides versatility to professional colour services while respecting hair’s health and integrity. Ideal for shiny, natural and durable grey blending, it gives gloss and shine to natural bases, tone to colour contrasts or highlights, uniform color, and offers an easy hair colouring service without too much commitment.


Please note: We require a patch test for all clients who are interested in colouring their hair at least 48 hours prior to treatment.